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Triaspis.com began as a simple web design company in the mid-nineties. My background is advertising / photography. So with the advent of the internet, it came natural for me to design web pages as I would any brochure or advertisement. As Y2k loomed, I was asked  by several companies to make sure they were Y2k compliant.  This became my full-time job and I never again worked for Corporate America. Over time, Triaspis.com has evolved  into a full service, hosting,  web design, e-commerce presence on the internet.   Our linux based servers are located on the West Coast and supported by a strong, redundant backbone.

My goal has never been to be the biggest. I do limit the number of clients I allow so I can provide them  with the best and most prompt, personable service possible.

Computer Consulting Team / Triaspis.com